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About our Family

       We started our small business in a small town in Nebraska with one goal in mind, to breed, raise, and sell happy, healthy, friendly puppies. After a family friend got a miniature Goldendoodle, we did some research and decided that this would be the perfect dog/breed. At first, we were not going to breed any dogs, but then our 3 kids wanted a litter of puppies. So in October 2019, our dog Marley had her first litter of puppies. 

       I am a carpenter and entrepreneur, in our small town of Wisner, and my wife is a nurse. We have 3 girls; Cameryn, 18, Emerson, 15, and Braxton,11 . Cameryn just graduated high school and is planning to attend college in the fall. Emerson plays sports stays very active and of course loves puppies. Braxton plays multiple sports as well and loves the outdoors. She loves dragging around all of our dogs and puppies wherever she goes. The dogs are all kept in our house and are definitely spoiled. Our family loves to bring the puppies everywhere wether it is a walk around town, to softball games, out to our lake, or just out while hanging out with friends and family. 

       The puppies get lots of love, playtime and are socialized. This allows them to be more well adjusted when they go to their forever homes. The puppies also have the opportunity to explore our home and our property interacting with other animals. This lets them experience life outside. We also introduce the puppies to crates while they’re here. We crate all of our dogs most nights. Crating before they leave helps you when you crate train once you take your puppy home. We also try to start potty training all of our puppies before leaving our home. All of these experiences make for a well rounded well socialized puppy.     

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